Michael Billips


Michael can always be found working away at more of the world of Long Tale. The fantasy portion of Long Tale he likes to call FOLK. The majority of stories found here are short glimpses into that world, but a novel called Forgive Us Our Axes is forthcoming. It’s about dwarves, dark spirits, and that sort of thing.

Michael also writes science fiction within the Long Tale universe and outside of it, which is then usually of the slipstream variety.

He has a degree in linguistics, with a background in medieval history, and also explores anthropology, geography, geology, and mapmaking. He enjoys fantasy fiction, graphic novels, alternative comics, weird fiction, sci-fi, slipstream, many genres of electronic music, classical music, conceptual and installation art, graphic design, typography, as well as questioning religion, getting medieval settings right, examining historical linguistics, onomastics, maps, and geography. And did we say maps?

You can follow him on Twitter @legendsword.

His overworld portal on the web is michaelbillips.wordpress.com, but you should really follow his Fantasy and Sci-fi boards on Pinterest. You can access all of the worlds he has delved into through the overworld page, including info on the game Paracelsus, on the horizon through his dev outlet Griffin Tale Interactive.