Selecting Faces

A science fiction novella in a series of short stories.

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Welcome to the moon.

In the 25 years since the Colony was founded, it has become a bustling city. Built from scratch, it has its own power systems, its own transportation infrastructure, and its own communications network. Digital systems monitor the vital signs of every human in the Colony. Autonomous drones zip around on cables from rooftop to rooftop. Digital personal assistants mediate communications and act as users’ external brains.

Yet populating this high-tech metropolis are analog humans. Each one wants something, and these desires are constantly conflicting with those of their peers. In spite of their perpetual connectedness, the citizens of the Colony misunderstand and antagonize one another. Someone is the villain of another’s story, but the hero of his own. Another is ignored by everyone around her, but just as much the protagonist of her own life.

These are their stories.

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About Selecting Faces, From the Author

Selecting Faces is a series of science fiction short stories that takes place in a lunar colony and investigates themes of privacy, personhood, and individual liberty. Most of all, it explores the fact that everyone is the protagonist of their own story: the waiter at your table, the cop who pulls you over, even the crime lord in your city.

Selecting Faces is being published here on the Arch City Alchemists site February-June 2017. I chose this weekly release format as a way to introduce you to the Colony and its human residents, one intersecting story at a time. While I recommend reading them all in order, I wrote them to stand on their own as well. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the journey.

-Alexander Aurand

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About The Author

Alexander Aurand does biomechanics research with the Spine Research Institute at the Ohio State University. He lives with his wife in Columbus, Ohio. Follow him on twitter.